What are Cookies, Pixel tags and other similar forms of technology?

Cookies are short text files which are sent from a site and saved on your device or your browser.

Pixel tags (known also as clear GIF, web beacon or pixel) are short pieces of code on a website or application. These allow Websites to read and place cookies and to transmit information to us or our collaborators. None of your personal data is included in this information.

Beacons are useful for a number of purposes including the analysis of visitor activity on our site.

Some of the information collected is, for example, the time at which the user sees a pixel, the web browser used, the number of visitors to our site, how many of these return and which programme they select.

How can you set cookies?

Some cookies are necessary for certain online functions and features. Which means that in order to keep browsing, you accept the use of them. However, you can select which optional cookies you accept, at any given moment!

Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary to provide you with basic services and features available through our website. All information is collected anonymously.

Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to enhance the performance of our website and to offer you the best customized experience, such as remembering your selected language.

Statistic Cookies

Statistic cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website (e.g. visit numbers on each page) so as to continuously improve the experience we provide.

Targeting Cookies

These cookies are used to enhance your experience and make advertising messages more relevant to you. We use them to report on the results of an ad campaign and to identify the most successful communication channels.

What is the duration of cookies?

Cookies are primarily divided according to their duration. Session Cookies stop being active once you close your browser, while persistent Cookies are saved for a certain amount of time. Cookies work in combination with the content of the website so as to receive and recall information.

How can you set cookies options through your browser?

Web browsers are usually configured to allow cookies. If you wish to modify specific functions, you must adjust your web browser settings.

For more information follow the links below:

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For certain functions the use of Cookies is necessary. If they are deactivated those functions may not be available.

Need more information?

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to email the Data Protection Officer at dpo@hellasdirect.gr.

Alternatively, call us at +357 22277499.