The most complete cover selection for your home: both building and content.


Damages caused by combustion, objects accidentally catching fire, forest fires, lightning, smoke or a boiler/burner explosion. Damages caused during an attempt to restrict fire. Firefighting and fire restriction expenses.

Short Circuit

Damages to electrical installations and electrical / electronic household appliances due to an overloaded electronic net, a short circuit, overvoltage, formation of an electric arc, leakage of an electric current.


Damages caused by an earthquake either directly or indirectly (fire, land subsidence, landslide, tidal waves - tsunami).

Natural Phenomena

Flood, storm, gale, hail, snow. Water pumping costs.

Leakage/Breakage of Piping or Tanks

Damages due to leakages or overflow of piping or water tanks, cooling tanks, heaters or drains. Cost of damage investigation, restoration of parts suffering damages and water pumping.


Collision of vehicle with home and its fencing, falling of trees, branches, pillars or antennae due to any cause are covered by your policy. So are collisions with drones, airplane crashes or collision with objects having fallen from these.


Malevolent actions, terrorist actions, political unrest, strikes, riots.


On exterior windows, mirrors, internal glass surfaces. Damages to the frames and elastic parts around the windows/mirrors. Replacement costs.

Liability for Fire, Natural Phenomena, Leakage/Breakage of Piping or Tanks

Material damages to third parties, caused by fire, natural phenomena or leakage/breakage of piping or tanks.

Owner's Liability

Expenses for material damages and bodily injuries caused to third parties for which you, members of your family and/or household staff are responsible.

Personal accident

Compensation for accidents which occur within the insured home to you, your spouse and your underage children, provided they reside with you if these accidents are due to one of the dangers we cover.

Fees and exprenses

Fees of architects and engineers, issuing of permit, disposal of debris, rehousing expenses.

Legal Protection

Court expenses and lawyer's fees in the case of damages covered by your policy.

Lock Replacement

Cost of lock replacement in the event of theft and loss, on the condition that you report it to the police within 48 hours of the moment you become aware.

This also includes the Essential Covers.

Accidental Damages

Damages to sanitary appliances, ceramic hobs, televisions, desktop computers, DVD and video equipment, sound systems, cables and utilities.


Damages caused to the building during a break-in. Stolen objects and damages caused to the content even if it is not stolen, on the condition that there are obvious signs of a break-in.


Landslides, ground subsidence or elevation if they have not been caused by an earthquake.

Loss of Rent

Compensation for the loss of tenants if your residence is considered uninhabitable due to damages and the tenant leaves. Compensation is based on the rent reported to the tax office for the period of time that elapses until the damages are restored or until rent is paid again.

You will be able to buy this program independently.

Electronic devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.)


Exercise or other hobby equipment

Musical instruments



Art and other