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The purpose of this article is to set out the terms and conditions which govern the use of the website www.hellasdirect.com.cy and in general of the website of HD Insurance Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the website"). Use of the website requires full and unreserved acceptance of the stated terms, which apply to the entire content of the site and concerns our site members and visitors / users.

Our sites are governed by the following Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Cookies Policy.

Provision of information and updating

HD Insurance Ltd makes every possible effort to ensure that all contents of the website are accurate, correct, complete, up-to-date, adequate, and available, but it cannot guarantee that all these criteria will invariably be met. In no circumstances, even in the event of neglect, can HD Insurance Ltd accept liability for any loss incurred by a user of the website as a result of this use.

The information and other data made available to users on the website - insofar as they do not concern HD Insurance Ltd itself - are gathered by HD Insurance Ltd from sources available to the public and are offered to users of the website solely and exclusively for their information. None of this information should be understood to represent the views or express the position of HD Insurance Ltd.

The company does not carry out any evaluation or assessment of the information provided, and does not accept, adopt, or approve of it in any way; the provision of this information via the website cannot in any circumstances be regarded as the offering of advice or recommendations, nor should it be interpreted as an offer, a proposal, or the acceptance of a proposal for the concluding of any contract, agreement, or transaction with HD Insurance Ltd or with any third party. The user bears the sole responsibility for his or her use, evaluation, assessment, and utilization of any information provided. Any business or other decisions made on the basis of this information are made entirely at the responsibility of the user and the company cannot be required to make good any losses, potential or actual, resulting from use of the information provided via the website.

Links to the websites of third parties

HD Insurance Ltd website gives its users the opportunity to move via special connections (links, hyperlinks, banners) to the websites of third parties, the design and content of which is entirely the responsibility of these parties. HD Insurance Ltd cannot guarantee the availability of these linked sites and does not approve of or accept liability for the content, correctness, legality, completeness, contemporaneity, or accuracy of the information, or the quality and properties of the products and services offered to the public by these parties through the aforementioned websites. HD Insurance Ltd accepts no liability for errors or operating faults in the websites of third parties, nor for any loss sustained by users from access to these sites or from use of the information, services and products available on these sites.

Copyright - Brand names and logos

The content of the website (programmes, information material of all kinds, data, software, graphics, brands, commercial names, logos etc) is the property of HD Insurance Ltd or any person to whom rights are assigned by the company, and is protected by the provisions of Greek and European legislation. No amendment, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, linking, downloading or other use of the content - in whole or in part - of the site is allowed in any way, by any means, for commercial or other purposes, without the prior written consent of HD Insurance Ltd or the person to whom rights are assigned by the company.

Operation of the website

The internet is not a secure environment and, although HD Insurance Ltd uses anti-virus software, it cannot guarantee that the website will function without interruption and free of any error or virus, and it cannot accept liability for any loss of data or other loss incurred by the user or third parties, whether due to use/copying/downloading, or to corruption by viruses or other unauthorized interventions by third parties in files and data made available through the website. Users are solely responsible for the protection of their own systems against viruses.

User conduct

Users of the website must respect the rules and provisions of Greek, European and international law, and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and must refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behaviour in their use of the site and in relation to the site and from adoption of any practices of unfair competition, or other illegal practices. The user shall be liable for any damage caused to the HD Insurance Ltd website as a result of malicious or inappropriate use of the site and the services offered via the site. In the event of HD Insurance Ltd finding itself involved in any litigation or required to pay any kind of compensation as a result of a breach by a user of the obligations set out in these terms and conditions, the user shall compensate the company for the loss incurred.

Denial of responsibility/ Disclaimer

The information contained on our website comes from commercial sources and is believed to be reliable. HD Insurance Ltd assumes no liability and does not guarantee the material provided on our website which is provided free of charge and "as is". HD Insurance Ltd reserves the right to remove and / or modify the content of the Site without notice, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

Under no circumstances will it be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the user's confidence in information obtained through this site or any linked site or any omission or delay in the renewal of the data on the site.

HD Insurance Ltd and its representatives assume no liability and are not responsible for any damages or viruses infringing on any computer or other property of users that might be related to access or use on this site or by reference to the site.

Privacy policy

Management and protection of the personal data of users of the website are subject to the provisions of existing legislation on protection of data of a personal nature, the decisions of the competent authority, and the following terms and conditions.

At HD Insurance Ltd we place particular emphasis on privacy. Our goal is to comply with all relevant Legislation and European Directives and Regulations that are applicable, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as "GDPR"), which comes into force on May 25, 2018; and the protection of all personal data we have in our possession.

For more information on downloading, managing, and processing your personal data, read our Privacy Policy here.

Cookies Policy

We are using cookies while following a strict policy for the protection of your private details. By using our services on this website you consent to our use of cookies. Find out more about our Cookie Policy.

Amendment of terms and conditions of use

HD Insurance Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms of use and site content at any time, without prior notice to users, through their announcement, and users are required to check for any changes and if they continue to use of the site are presumed to have accepted the modifications. If we make substantial changes to the terms of use, we will notify you through via email to give you the opportunity to study the new terms and decide whether or not you agree with them.

Need more information?

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to email the Data Protection Officer at dpo@hellasdirect.gr. Alternatively, call us at 22 277499.